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Say hello to this classy display option: The Pop Up Backdrop Magnet Curved

The Pop Up Backdrop Magnet Curved is a backdrop that can be easily set up in seconds. The aluminum frame is lightweight, but stable thanks to the criss-cross construction. The Pop Up Backdrop Magnet Curved is unique in that unlike other pop ups and backdrops, this product’s frame and prints connect together with magnets. Another unique feature of this backdrop is its curved shape, giving it a little extra pep to grab the attention you deserve. Your custom print is done on wraparound panels which mask each side of the frame. Since the print and frame use magnets for stability, this display is user-friendly and can be easily set up by one person. This backdrop is used primarily indoors at conferences, events and lobbies and can be used temporarily outdoors at charity dinners and fundraisers.

For full spec sheet click here.


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