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Quality, Hand Crafted Sand-Carved Signs

What isn't there to like about sand carved signs? They provide a nostalgic feeling that is often lost with modern electric backlit signs. These hand crafted beauties deliver dimension and provide a comforting influence to the public.


Sand carved signs (or sandblasted signs) are blasted to a depth of .25 - .50 of an inch with either a pebble or wood grain background. Lettering, logos and line art are raised or recessed in the blasting process, giving it dimension.

An advantage that this type of sign has over others is that is has a tremendous bang for its buck. These signs are created from high density urethane which is close-pored. This material does not rot and is fairly light weight. It can be mounted to walls or frames for any building or monument. Lights can be fixed on them for displaying at night, only adding to the appeal. What makes this option great as well is, because they are hand painted, they can be refurbished later after years of weathering. This means you can have a fresh paint job every so often to bring back a brand new look at a fraction of the cost.


Here at White Signs, we take pride that we have been providing this quality signage for over 35 years now, and are one of the few sign shops left that can make them. For more examples of our work you can visit the Sand Carved Signs page of our website. If you would like to see what your sign could look like, we invite you to contact us to discuss design options or ask any questions that were not covered here. We will provide you with a free custom design with purchase.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! We hope to have provided helpful information for you decision making process.

Murphy White

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