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Do you want to be remembered?

Think about what you do with business cards or save the date mailers you get.

Also, think about what people may do with the the cards or other things you send. Do you know that they are being put in a memorable place?

Now think about what your gut reaction is when you receive a magnet. Banks and real estate agents normally send these to people for a reason. It's because a magnet gets associated with the good ol' fridge. A place where magnets stick. A place where everyone goes.

We have a use for these magnets though. That's why they are kept. We hang children's artwork with them or write and leave notes for each other. They are not seen as disposable as paper is.

Getting married? Is someone graduating? There are so many events in life that we want people to remember to attend. What better reminder is there than a place that people repeatedly return to?

Magnets are affordable for anyone too, not just banks or large corporations.

So the next time you want someone to remember your business or event, try giving or sending them a magnet! It's a good way to know that you are being remembered!

Right now, White Signs is running a special on business card magnets.

Since all jobs are custom, please contact us for a free estimate. We'll even help you design them to make sure they get noticed!

Murphy White

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