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Wall Graphics Make a Difference

Wall Graphics are an excellent way of making a drab wall vibrant and eye catching. With limitless design options, they provide a way to create a unique environment for any office or showroom setting.

At White Signs, we use pliable vinyl materials with various thickness and adhesion options based on the need. Usually they are applied to two types of painted walls: drywall and cinder block.

1. Painted Drywall

The vinyl material used for indoor painted drywall is low tack. It is strong enough to last

for years yet it can be easily removed and a newer graphic can be installed in its place. Graphics can cover the entire wall or they can be contour cut around a logo or other design.


Places such as car dealerships can display commercial photos on their walls. This allows the customer to visualize themselves in a real world setting that may inspire them to make a purchase.

A company's office walls can be canvases for color and design to help make a happier environment compared to regular painted or wall-papered walls.


2. Painted Cinder Block

If you have cinder block walls instead of drywall, there's an option for that as well! Because cinder block has a textured surface and mortar joints, a thicker vinyl is used and applied with heat. By the time the installation is complete, it appears as if the graphic has almost been painted on the wall because of how it conforms to it.

If you would like a better idea of how this works, you can view the time-lapse video below of my father and I installing a wall graphic collage to a local TV station's painted cinder block wall in their building.

3. Outdoor Walls

While it is possible to apply vinyl wall graphics to outdoor walls, unfortunately because of weather elements, they do not last as long as indoor graphics. Usually outside graphics will last a couple of years. Still, they provide a way of displaying graphics more affordably than if they were hand painted. A laminate coating is applied to the surface to help protect the printed surface of the vinyl.

Often times painting an exterior wall with high quality paints is a great alternative option. You can visit our murals page to see several projects we have worked on in the past. Everything is custom.


I'm glad you took the time to read this. If you have any questions about anything I have just mentioned, please don't hestitate to contact us by email or phone. Information is located on our contacts page. You can also leave comments below.


Murphy White

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